What is Red River Arts?  A synergizing "umbrella" for art, music and media production that pools the talents of local professionals around the Ridgetop community to create media that matters and makes an impact.

Vision  At Red River Arts, we believe life is the best inspiration for creation. All we need are the tools to see and express the beauty in the people, places, and experiences of our lives.

Mission  To provide a community space for artists that fosters collaboration under guidance by local professionals. Our mission is to make a place where people can learn to see, smell, hear, taste and touch the world anew.

Teacher Bios

Jam n' Learn Instructor

Jason Birdwell is musician, worship leader, music teacher, and independent producer in Austin, TX. He received his Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Texas in Austin and worked in social services for 6 years. Jason specializes in equipping youth to express themselves through music and media, especially in the areas of faith, family and activism. He currently is the frontman for The Band in Black, a Johnny Cash-style band, as well as worship pastor at Red River Church.


Film Instructor

Dennis Weaver, a graduate of UT’s Radio-Television-Film program, has worked in narrative feature films, short documentaries, and corporate video work for the last 6 years. His wealth of experience has led him to desire to pass on these skills to the next generation.

“If I can do it, anyone can!” -Dennis Weaver




Guitar Instructor

Keith Atkinson has served as a public school teacher and pastor most of his life, and was a worship leader at Hope Chapel for five years. He has been writing songs and playing the guitar since the age of 15, and as a young man he performed in coffee houses around Austin.  In 2004 he recorded Hiding Place,  which includes twelve original songs, chiefly based on the Psalms.  

"Playing the guitar and songwriting is a way to express what is transpiring in the deepest part of our person". -Keith Atkinson